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North Hutchinson Island

A Little Piece of Heaven

North Hutchinson Island, Florida is an Atlantic coastal barrier island, lying north of the Fort Pierce Inlet in St. Lucie County, Florida. It is separated from the mainland by the Indian River Lagoon.


The community of North Hutchinson Island in St. Lucie County, also known as North Beach or North Fort Pierce Beach, is entirely unincorporated but has its own zip code designating this most desirable area as very unique. The beaches to the north of the Fort Pierce Inlet jetty are some of the few accreting beaches on the east coast of Florida. This means they are growing instead of eroding.

East of A-1-A the residential development is largely mid-rise condominium apartments, while west of A-1-A there is a mix of single-family houses, townhouses and low-rise condominium apartment buildings. There is also a large mobile home resort that started out as an RV park 30 or more years ago.

Some of the current residences on the island, moving south to north on State Route A1A North include:

Aquanique Ocean Club-2700 N A1A; Barclay Beach Club-2800 N A1A; Atrium on the Ocean-2900 N A1A; Atrium on the Ocean II-3000 N A1A; Sands on the Ocean-3100 N A1A; Tiara Towers-3150 N A1A; Sea Palms-3200 N A1A; Grand Isle-3702 N A1A; Hibiscus by the Sea-3880 N A1A; Ocean Pearl-3920 N A1A; Visions-4000 N A1A; Treasure Cove Dunes-4100 N A1A; Oceanique-4180 N A1A; Ocean Harbour South-4230 N A1A; Altamira-4330 N A1A; Paragon-4400 N A1A Note: these residences are all east of A1A (oceanfront)

Sites of interest on North Hutchinson Island include:

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